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What to Consider When Choosing a Barber

A good barber isn’t always that easy to come across. This guy will have great knowledge and experience in all things hair, which comes with fantastic skills in holding his hair clippers as a surgeon owns his scalpel. And in most cases, they’re also fun to be around.

So what do you look out for when trying to find a good barber?

Customer Interest

Before anything, a good barber will ask you questions like what style you want, whether or not you like your current style, and what you want to maintain about your hair. This helps them determine what actions to take while handling your hair, as well as what styling product to recommend for your hairstyle.

Seeking Feedback

Going to the barbershop should not be an in-and-out thing. A haircut or shave must never be rushed, and your barber should ask you what you think of how your hair is being cut, or what you like or don’t like about it. You probably want the sides much shorter or that cowlick gone. A good barber will do as you please, seeing to it that you leave the barbershop with a smile.

Test Run

The great thing about finding a good barber is that you can always give him a test run with a small job. Instead of getting a haircut on your first visit, why not go for something less drastic, such as a beard trim? A good barber can cut your hair in their sleep, so if he seems unsure of the process, you know what that means.

Social Media Lookup

Businesses are usually in social media nowadays. Check out some local barbershops on Facebook and Instagram and try to get a feel of what they do. Look for before-and-after pics and see how much difference they can make with their skills. And of course, pay attention to the comments too. You’ll want to know how the experience was like for their customers.

Assessing Knowledge

Don’t hesitate to ask the barber a thing or two about hair. Try asking what hair care practices are best for your type of hair, or what types of products will work best without causing damage. You can pretty much tell how much a barber really knows about hair just by the way they talk about it.

Personality Match

Lastly, find a barber who isn’t only great at cutting hair but someone who actually feels like a friend. If you like your barber, expressing yourself will be much more effective. Which also increases your odds of walking out of that barbershop happy every single time.

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