Best Practices for an Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing campaign should be simple to achieve. After all, one can simply write the text, add in any images or links, and send to the email list. However, while that seems simple in theory, a successful email marketing campaign requires more planning than merely throwing together an email and hitting send. Statistics show that email has the highest return on investment of any marketing channel available online. But what are the best practices to make the most out of an email marketing campaign? Keep reading to find out.

Know the Goals

As with all business decisions, setting goals is a critical first step. Typical targets for an email campaign can include welcoming new subscribers, re-engaging existing subscribers, and converting subscribers to a sales channel.

Understand Email Types

Email marketing campaigns can send out various emails to subscribers. Promotional emails provide information about sales or other offers. Relational emails provide subscribers with the information they were promised such as newsletters and informational messages. Transactional messages are triggered when a subscriber takes action on the website.

Know the Audience

Companies that have been in business for a while tend to have to have a good grasp on their email audience, but for newer companies, you will have to make some educated guesses to appropriately target the email content. Google Analytics and Facebook Insights can help with analyzing subscriber demographic data.

Keep it Personalized

Spending hours carefully drafting and designing the perfect email campaign will do not good if spam filters prevent the email from ever making it into the inbox. Preventing an email from looking like spam can be difficult, but making messages as personal as possible to each individual will help.

A Great Subject

The subject line plays a crucial part in getting subscribers to open and read the message. The subject line must garner attention and interest from the reader. Get to the point and avoid words that may trigger spam filters.

In Closing

Making strategic choices with an email marketing campaign can be a powerful driver for sales and revenue. Following the steps outlined above will help businesses be able to create effective email marketing campaigns to drive exceptional results. For more information about creating powerful email campaigns, read more by clicking here.

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