Laser Technology: What It Can Do For You

There are many forms of art in our world. The invention of new technology has changed the art we see today and has even created new art worlds! How amazing is that? Another important aspect of art is the design. We design everything from houses to bumper stickers and it does not end there. Etching has also made its way into the market and is unbelievably popular as gifts and decorations. This can all be done by using state of the art laser technology.

The first laser cutter and laser etching technology originated in the United States in the 1960s. This forever changed the landscape and now lasers are not only used by large corporations, but by small businesses and hobbyist. If needing something etched, cut, or more, bosslaser can meet all the needs of any client. The high tech laser technology is top of the line, next to the customer service.

Types of Lasers

There are two main types of lasers that are used. One is a CO2 laser and the other a fiber. The difference between the two is what types of materials are cut best with either machine. CO2 lasers are commonly “pumped” by passing a current through a gas mix or using radio frequency. The RF method is newer and has become more popular. Fiber laser wavelength processes and outputs light much differently. The nearly invisible wavelength of fiber lasers allows it to be absorbed by reflective materials -namely metals- more efficiently compared to Co2.

CO2 lasers are able to process the following materials: cardboard, ceramic, treated metals, fabric, Corian, melamine, cork, Delrin, styrene, fiberglass, glass, granite, leather, marble and much more. Fiber lasers are able to process the following materials: stainless steel, aluminum (bare or anodized), polycarbonates, black/white ABS plastic, brass, carbon fiber, cobalt chrome steel, Delrin and also much more.

If looking for a gift, looking to spice up a home or business or looking to repurpose something old, consider using the latest laser technology to etch, cut or design something that everyone will love. Do not hesitate to start today because the future is right around the corner.

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