Unique Marketing Methods that Work

Marketing to a client base has become more sophisticated and creative because it’s become more difficult to reach that base using traditional methods. Traditional media such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and billboards are not only largely ignored by younger generations, but media such as television is transforming. Many no longer view television on cable platforms. Instead, they have turned to streaming platforms that may not even have advertisements. Techniques, such as using a white label software provider, can provide marketing benefits to organizations.

What is White Label Software?

White label software essentially allows organizations to add logos to the software package. An organization hires a software provider to develop an application for the organization’s use, but the company is able to integrate the logo as a marketing message. The company can then distribute the software to its client base, depending on the functional use of the application. For example, word processing software might be sold to a client base but each time the client base uses the software, those customers are exposed to the company’s logo.

Creative Reach

Using software to reach customers with a marketing message is a sign of thinking outside the box. While those who would be interested in purchasing a company’s products may not see traditional advertisements or electronic messaging through e-mails and online videos, many have to use some form of software in today’s interconnected world. Regular, repeated exposure to a company’s messaging through the use of a functional product can drive curiosity and interest in addition to inspiring brand loyalty.


One potential disadvantage of creative branding and messaging is that it can cause fatigue in the consumer’s mind. Constant exposure to a company’s logo through a piece of software can lead to desensitization, meaning customers simply try to ignore the messaging or accept it as part of the software rather than an invitation to purchase products. Another disadvantage is that a logo contains limited space and does not really allow the company to produce a complete, personalized message.

With all of the noise and marketing messages customers face, it is becoming more difficult for organizations to reach targeted consumers. Creative uses of media, including online videos and white label software, can help reach those consumers in ways they weren’t expecting. Similar to the goal of traditional marketing, these messages can help drive interest and purchasing behaviors.

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