What Employers Need To Know About Accounting And Finance Staffing

In the US, recruiting agencies help employers who have staffing needs. The process involves finding candidates that qualify for open positions according to the employer’s specifications. Recruiters complete a variety of assessments when looking for the right candidates that help employers avoid common issues.

Submitting Requests for Staffing

Employers who want to find qualified candidates hire a recruiter to complete the task for them. Submitting a request for staffing helps the employer gain access to top candidates that qualify for their open positions. Recruiters accept applications on the employer’s behalf and find individuals that meet the specifications identified by the employer.

Setting Up a Contract

The contract outlines what fees the employers pay for the recruiting services. Typically, the employers pay the workers a reduced rate if they hire them temporarily. The recruitment agency receives a fee for every week that the candidate works for the employer. A fee is paid after the employer finds a candidate that meets their specifications.

Complete Screening Process

The recruiters complete the screening process for the employers. The screening process involves a complete criminal background check and credit assessment. All information provided by the candidate is verified. The recruiter also interviews the candidate and determines if they are the right fit for the employer. All information is presented to the prospective employer prior to any interviews scheduled by the recruiting agency.

Interviewing and Selecting Candidates

The employers interview all candidates of interest and determine if they want to hire the worker on a full-time basis. Typically, recruiters help candidates prepare for the interview and explain what questions the employer is most likely to ask. The employers complete an employment package for each worker they hire. The documents provide a binding contract for the worker and outline grounds for termination.

In the US, recruiting agencies take the guesswork out of the hiring process and help employers find the right candidates. The process starts with ads placed on job seeker websites and processing of applications. Recruiters review all applications and compare the details to the staffing requests. Companies that need Accounting and Finance Staffing contact a recruiter and set up an appointment right now.

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